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Get a quick overview of Superseek APIs and see how you can build your custom Q&A bots or fully conversational AI chatbots.

With Superseek APIs, you can build custom Q&A bots or conversational AI chatbots powered by your content.

APIs are available on all plans.


Q&A bots are a basic version of chatbots. Input a single question and receive a single answer along with its sources. These bots enable the creation of straightforward Q&A interfaces within products, leveraging the same endpoint as the chat API, but without passing any chat history.

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Chat API

Use this endpoint to create a complete conversational chatbot in your product. Pass a question along with chat history to receive a single answer, along with its sources, that maintains context and continuity with the ongoing conversation.

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Answer Rating API

The Answer Rating APIs are useful for tracking the quality of answers provided by the chat APIs. Use this endpoint to enable users to rate answers (good or bad) to track answer quality in your inbox.

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